The Grey Wolfe Scriptorium is pleased to support Michigan authors by offering a convenient Consignment Program. Taking books on consignment allows us to feature a wider variety of books, including traditionally published, self-published, independently published, and print-on-demand titles.  We’re not limited to the traditional distribution requirements, and therefore, we can help authors reach more readers without the frustration of exorbitant distribution fees.

If you are an author who would like to participate in The Grey Wolfe Scriptorium's Consignment Program, please complete one application for each title.  Multiple titles on the same application will be rejected without review.


Authors are invited to participate in reading & signing events to introduce their books to the public.  These events are held at our Clawson, Michigan location and simulcast on our Internet radio program.  The events are recorded and offered for access at our digital radio archive library for later listening, giving authors the opportunity to share the link with their marketing outreach efforts. 

Enrolled books will be featured on our Social Media channels, in our e-newsletters, and on marketing materials distributed directly to customers of The Scriptorium during the six month term of the consignment period.

We offer six month shelving periods, giving you more time to reach new readers… with the option to continue in our Consignment Program if your book sells well. There is no enrollment fee or renewal fee for participating Michigan authors.


We accept consignments of traditionally published, independently published, or self-published books written by Michigan authors. We will consider books written by authors residing outside of Michigan, as long as the book has a strong connection to Michigan in some way, either through history, technology, plot, setting, or characterization. 

The Scriptorium retains 40% of the list price for each consignment sold.  The author receives 60% of the list price for each consignment sold. List prices are determined by the author at the time of consignment enrollment.  All consignment sales are paid to authors in U.S. dollars via check or electronic deposit (details to be discussed at time of enrollment acceptance) after the six month consignment period has ended.

If a book has a strong Michigan connection, and the author resides outside of Michigan, authors must pay a $35 shelving fee every six months, for each title that is enrolled in the Consignment Program.  This fee is paid at the time of delivery of consignment materials.  International authors are welcome to join the program, but they must have access to a United States mailing address and bank account to receive payments, reports, and other documentation and correspondence.

All participating authors must provide a valid phone number, US based "snail mail" address, and an email address to receive communication from The Scriptorium regarding program details, book sale progress, event schedule details, and other important information.  It is the author's sole responsibility to make us aware of any changes to the author's contact information.

The Scriptorium will keep in inventory up to six copies of each title, in each format (trade paperback, hardcover, CD audiobook), enrolled in the program for a period of six months, after which time we will evaluate the sales attributed to that title and discuss with the author the future of their book’s consignment opportunities with us.  If a title is removed from the Consignment Program, it is the author's responsibility to pick up the remaining inventory personally, or arrange for shipment of materials back to the author, at the author's expense.

The Scriptorium will only pay for books (of any format) that were sold within the consignment term.  Damaged or stolen consignment materials are the sole financial responsibility of the author.

To be considered for enrollment in the Grey Wolfe Scriptorium Consignment Program, authors must provide the following Consignment Materials within 14 days of acceptance:

  • Up to six copies (or fewer) of each title the author is enrolling in the program, in either trade paperback, hardcover edition, or CD Audiobook format.
  • We will accept up to six copies of each format for a single title. (i.e. 6 paperback, 6 hardcover, 6 CD audio; for a total of 18 copies of a single title).
  • Making an Application to the Consignment Program does not guarantee acceptance into the program.  All decisions regarding acceptance are made by The Scriptorium management, and are final.

All books in all formats must be bound with legible titles on the spines. Lower page count books with a binding too narrow upon which to print tittle information (such as poetry collections, some children's titles, and chapbooks), spiral bound, comb bound, or other specialty bindings may be accepted into the Consignment Program on a case-by-case basis, at the sole discretion of The Scriptorium management, dependent on suitable shelving space for these particular formats.  

The Scriptorium is a bookshop that encourages readers and visitors of nearly every age, stage, and literary interest.  We are proud to be family owned, and family accessible. Therefore, a book's cover art must represent the title and/or back matter blurb, and not depict explicit violence or erotic themes.

We do not accept erotic fiction, sexually explicit non-fiction, or books of any genre with an inappropriate abundance of violence.  If you are uncertain if your book falls into one of these prohibited styles, please speak with a Scriptorium staff member or send us an email for clarification.

Books enrolled in our Consignment Program must include an ISBN bar code on the back cover of the book.  Price bar codes are optional, but authors must provide the list price for each title.  This will be the price your consignment royalty is based upon, and it will not be changed during the six month consignment term.  If your book is not selling as well as you would like, and you would like to extend its enrollment in our Consignment Program for an additional six month term, with a new list price, you must contact us via email, before the start of a new consignment term, and pricing information is changed at The Scriptorium.

Please Note: Consignments are removed from the sales floor for approximately two weeks at the end of June each year for bookshop inventory purposes.  All consignment agreements are temporarily on hold during that time.

Not all of The Scriptorium sales staff are editors, proofreaders, or publishers.  However, if you are looking for information on writing a book, or the publication process, please visit our parent company, Grey Wolfe Publishing and/or their independent publishing division, Write Duck Press, for information about how you can participate in writing workshops or have your manuscript reviewed and discover it’s publishing potential.