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Set Your Writing on Fire with Grey Wolfe's Writing Coaches!

So often, we writers have a spectacular idea for a story, or a series of stories, that we are certain readers will enjoy, but we’re not quite sure how to put our writing plans into action.  While writing groups and beta readers are instrumental in honing the writing craft and should not be overlooked, tremendous value can be realized when working one-on-one with a Writing Coach. 

Writing Coaches are especially helpful for new writers who aren’t sure where to begin… or for seasoned writers who are having difficulty with one specific aspect of their book… or for those who require another set of eyes to notice gaps in plot and character continuity. 

Our Writing Coaches hold degrees in English with concentrations in Creative Composition and other disciplines.  Some Writing Coaches have certifications in Early Childhood Development to lend special expertise with children's books.

Grey Wolfe Publishing provides Writing Coach services for all genres and styles of books.  From general fiction, to young adult and children’s books, to poetry and memoir, we can help you refine your story and cultivate confidence as you realize your dream of publication.


Grey Wolfe Publishing offers Writing Coach services to writers worldwide!  You have the option to work via email exchange, telephone, SKYPE, or In-Person sessions. 

The timelines involved in our coaching program varies from project to project because the scope of each project is very different.  One writer may only require a short amount of time in refinement, whereas another may need assistance in several areas.  We take the time that is necessary to make sure that you are comfortable with the direction your story is going, and the skills you are learning.

Coaching sessions are arranged “on demand”, which means that we will work at your pace.   We’ll take as much time as you need with each area of craft until you are satisfied and ready to proceed.  By example, one writer may want to work with their Writing Coach each week, while another may only want to meet once per month, or once each quarter.  The choice is yours.

Coaching fees are as follows:
This is not a subscription service; although you may arrange for pre-payment of several coaching sessions in advance.  Fees are expected at the time of page submission if you choose electronic coaching (email, telephone, SKYPE), or you may pay your coach directly (cash, check, credit/debit card) at the time of your in-person coaching session.
  • $50 per hour for as many pages (double-spaced in DOCX, DOC, RTF, or ODT format) as can be effectively reviewed within that time period.  In-person coaching sessions are held in the SE MI area, at a location mutually convenient to both the Writing Coach and the writer.  Writers electing in-person coaching may submit a maximum of 50 pages.  Pages not reviewed during the session may be carried over and addressed in the next session.  A $2 reservation fee is required to hold your timeslot.
*** Coaching Session Cancellation Policy: Refunds will only be authorized with a 48 hour advance email notification. Refunds may take up to five business days to process.