Thank you for your interest in participating in the Grey Wolfe Scriptorium Radio Broadcast.  We are excited to help you create greater awareness of your book(s) and your writing career.  Read the information below carefully and then submit your materials and get ready to promote!


Our goal is to record one new show weekly, beginning June 20, 2018.  We will do our very best to accommodate your schedule, but because we have so many Michigan Authors to represent, we will need you to be flexible.   Once you receive your date and time for the radio broadcast, we expect you to connect with us, either via telephone or in person at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled air time.  Whether you are doin an in-person or phone interview, we will be producing the session live, allowing for fans to call in and ask questions.  The show will also be recorded for our archives and made available for fans who could not tune in for the live broadcast.


No matter where you live, we will set up a phone connection to conduct the interview.  You will be given a phone number and URL to promote the show's "call in" guests.  If you're local, an in-person interview is best, because then you can invite people and customers of The Scriptorium can enjoy the interview as well.  There's nothing quite like live interaction!


After a brief introduction, you’ll be given about 8-10 minutes to perform a reading from your book.  If you have several titles, choose one  wisely.  This is an excellent opportunity to promote a new title, or one that hasn’t received the kind of exposure you might have wanted,  or a book you’ve published some time ago and would like to remind readers that it’s available.  Be sure to choose a segment of your book that entices readers to buy… but not one that gives away a critical part of the plot – or the ending!  Remember, this is meant as a moment to generate buying enticement, not offer spoilers!

After your reading, we will take questions from fans, or we’ll jump right into our pre-planned interview discussion… depending on the audience attendance for your segment.  Our intention is to keep the interview informal and as organic as possible.  We will gladly explore tangents, just as long as they don’t stray too far off topic.  And, remember, if fans call in, we can’t predict what their questions might be; but we’ll handle as many of them as we can.


Segments last for 30 minutes.  We’ll begin our sign off procedure at about five minutes the end of the show, to ensure that we don’t run over time.  If you have several books, and you’re interested in doing a separate segment to promote each, we can accommodate that during future shows.  Just let us know if this is something you’d like to explore.


Because we will be broadcasting live, we won’t have the ability to edit the content, so be sure to keep your readings and conversations “G” rated and “family-friendly”.  We will tell readers that they can buy your book(s) at The Scriptorium, and you will let them know where they can leave reviews, so be sure to have those URLs handy.  Also, we encourage you to let listeners know where they can meet you… upcoming festivals, readings at bookshops, and other signing events.  We intend that our author interview radio broadcasts will be an opportunity for you to promote your work and your writing career, so be sure to take full advantage.

No-show authors will not be rescheduled or invited to participate again.

Once we have received your information, we’ll send you a notice about when you are scheduled to appear on the show.  Keep in mind; if you are traveling or have a prior commitment on a day that you are scheduled, you have the option reschedule your segment, as long as we have at least two weeks advance notice of your need to reschedule.    


Saturate social media, your website, and your email list with notices that you will be appearing on the air with Grey Wolfe Publishing in the days and weeks leading up to your show date.  And then, continue to promote your segment after the broadcast is archived into our station.  We’ll make sure you have the phone number to give to readers and fans so they can call in on the day of the broadcast and be a part of the conversation… and once it's been archived, we’ll be sure to give you the URL for your segment so they can listen to the archived show afterward.