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Allowing The Creative Waters To Dry Up Erodes Your Writing Career!

Full Marketing Pond Design Services: $1,150.00

Regular Water Pump & Pond Aeration Maintenance to Avoid Dredging: $100/month

Just like a natural pond, a properly flowing book marketing program is, for the most part, low-maintenance and works gently with Mother Nature.  As your pond expands with new books for readers to enjoy, one literary lily pad helps them move around your pond to the next with a simple joy as they become comfortable in your waters.

Yet on occasion, your pond needs a little nurturing.  Just like anything else you find in creation, your Book's Marketing Pond has different needs at various times of the year.  We will assist you in bubbling during the winter to avoid a freeze-over; we'll create a little bit of noise in the spring to attract new eyes; in summer's heat, we'll freshen your pond with fragrant enticements; and we'll prepare your pond for autumn's changing winds.


After the Deep Water and Nesting Services have been completed, the custom cover design is the most critical part of your Marketing Pond's Design.  Your book's cover is the Filtration System that attracts readers to begin turning pages.  Without a thoughtfully created cover, specific to your unique story, your book will not float upon the waves closest to the shoreline, within easy reach of your audience.


The amount of maintenance your  book's Marketing Pond requires generally depends on the type of Water Pump that bubbles your your pond to avoid stagnation.  In the book world, your Water Pump is your author website.  For example, if the pump sits at the bottom of the pond, with no attention from you, then you may find yourself involved in major dredging of algae and parasites, which could involve a complete pond redesign.  This can get rather expensive in both time and money... especially if you're busy writing your next book, and don't have the time to devote to dredging. 

If you don't have a way for readers to easily find you within the literary storm's fury of hundreds of thousands of other author's books, you may suffer a writing career that crashes against a fractured jetty.

A standard website includes the following pages (additional pages can be added on as your career grows at $25 per page):

  • Home page with an event countdown clock.
  • About page with an extensive author interview.
  • Published works page with all of your currently available books (cover art, synopsis, etc), including "buy" links.
  • A Contact page with a newsletter sign-up form, so readers can send you reviews and other messages easily.
  • A Blog page to keep your fans interested in you and your writing career.
  • Social Media links on every page.


If your message to potential readers doesn't reach fresh air on a regular basis, then your pond will be void of the little fishes and plants that spawn your popularity and keep your writing career above water.  Bookmarks, media kits, posters and the like, are the lures that get interested readers to nibble at your work.  Satisfy the hunger of one reader, and others floating by will take notice, and perhaps dip their toes into your book's pond. 

Important elements to Pond Aeration include the following:
  • An "interactive excerpt" or "look inside" preview with the code to insert into your website, and a link to share in emails and on social media.
  • 250, two-sided, custom bookmarks with your book's cover and synopsis on the front, ISBN, availability, and your website information on the back.
  • 250, two-sided, custom postcards with your book's cover, order information, and QR Code on the front, with your return address and mailing space on the back.
  • One 11" x 17" poster mounted on foam board and laminated to use at book festivals or signings as a table or window display.
  • A Media Kit which includes front and back cover slicks, an author headshot slick, an author one-sheet (bio/resume), a book one-sheet (synopsis/key passages), a social media one-sheet (suggested social media messages, tweets, postings), sample interview questions (to supply to the media for greater accessibility), notable scenes for interviews, a press release, two ARC (Advance Read Copies) editions in digital format, a marketing handbook (with tips and tricks for signings and daily marketing techniques), and a media kit archival disk for future use and duplication.
***If Write Duck Press did not design your book cover, you must supply it to us in full color jpg 300dpi when ordering Water Pump or Pond Aeration services.

***Book Trailers are outside the boundaries of typical Pond Design Services.  Book Trailers are produced by special request, and project costs vary, depending on the scope of the project.  Contact us at for information regarding book trailers.

Payment Process:

We offer an affordable payment plan which we believe will accommodate the financial situation of every author.  The initial deposit is made at the time of manuscript submission.  Then, the final payment is made at the time of project completion, via an electronic invoice sent to your email box.  Payment can be made through credit or debit cards, or via PayPal, or authors may mail a check when invoices are received to:

Write Duck Press c/o Grey Wolfe Publishing  PO Box 1088 Birmingham, MI  48009. 

If you meet with us personally, we can easily accept all forms of payment at the time of your consultation.

Special arrangements can be made for writers with certain financial challenges.  Discuss these possibilities with us during your consultation or send an inquiry to before submitting your manuscript.